What Does it Mean to “Do Solar Right”?

March 16, 2021 5:45 pm
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What does it mean to “Do solar right”? 

 At Arch, we pride ourselves on “doing solar right since 2003”, but what does that mean for our customers? Here are three ways you can know your solar project is done right: 


1. One size does not fit all; we need your energy bills 

 It is easy to think that getting a solar quote can be as simple as ordering from a menu. Many first-time solar owners want to get an estimate from a quick look at their home on satellite, by giving the square footage or guessing their average utility bill. Some installers will quote this way; taking a glance at the roof to figure out how many panels they can squeeze onto it. 

However, the way to do solar right is to get the system custom-sized for you by looking at the monthly breakdown of your last 12 months of energy usage. By doing this, you get a system designed for you based on your actual energy needs, not how many panels can fit on your roof. More importantly, by seeing how your energy usage fluctuates with Wisconsin’s wildly changing seasons, we can optimize your system for the maximum benefits of solar in our state.


2. Less Can Be More when your estimate is custom-tailored to you

 Like some contractors that are willing to rush a quote, some may even try to pitch the biggest system they can sell, regardless of your situation. If your solar project is designed & built right, meaning your needs are put first, it doesn’t always make sense to have the largest system. 

Because of the way utilities compensate for the electricity produced based on their net metering policies, you may receive a lesser value for the electricity produced that’s beyond your consumption. Whereas you’ll earn an equal exchange for any electricity you produce and consume, because of this, it is often financially advantageous to design your system in a way that minimizes gross overproduction. By having your system custom-sized, you can avoid paying for solar panels you don’t need, allowing for the greatest return on investment. Designing systems this way requires an in-depth knowledge of Wisconsin’s utilities and rate structures and putting the customer’s needs first. For Arch, this approach is an essential part of doing solar right. 


3. Keep it all in one place 


 When you consider going solar, go with an installer that will handle your installation process every step of the way and even for years after the system is up and running. With the fantastic opportunity that solar represents as it continues to flourish in WI, it’s natural to have solar contractors seem to pop up from out of state or down the road to jump on the solar coaster. Some may want to cut corners and take shortcuts, such as outsourcing design work to a third party unfamiliar with Wisconsin’s climate, using high-pressure sales tactics, or having the actual installation work done by a sub-contractor or a non-solar professional moonlighting as a solar expert.

Meaning when that quickly designed system doesn’t work in reality, when the installers don’t show up on schedule, or when the folks who knocked on your door promised more than they can deliver, you are out of luck in finding your answers at one place. At Arch, all of our work is done by your local experts, who are available to be on hand and site when you need them. 


 In short, 

 At Arch, we firmly believe that investing in solar should feel like a home improvement project rather than auto sales. That means no high-pressure sales tactics, no rush-to-sign-now offers, and no bait n’ switch financing deals. With an investment that spans over 25 years, it pays to take your time. 

 Our record proves that it does pay to do solar right, growing from our small beginnings on our founders’ farm in Plymouth to an industry leader that employs over 100 Wisconsin solar professionals. After two decades in the solar industry, we believe that treating our neighbors fairly and honestly is the secret to our success. When you go solar with Arch Solar, you know it’s done right.  

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