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Drone Services
For Utility, Commercial & Residential

Arch Electric offers drone imaging and inspection services to aid in project planning, performance evaluation, and maintenance of PV Systems.

Large complex rooftops pose no issue when designing a PV installation. Avoid time spent laboriously measuring and noting obstructions manually. Our 3D rooftop models are accurate and informative for both residential and industrial scale planning.

Images obtained in flight are uploaded to an online tool that gives the most accurate shade reporting available. This allows our team to properly design the PV system for optimal output.

High resolution images captured via drone can be stitched into a detailed orthomosaic displaying dozens of acres at a time; especially useful in areas where satellite imagery may be out of date.

Marketing opportunities abound as aerial imagery offers a unique perspective to showcase your property from the sky.

Traditional PV System inspections and troubleshooting involve manually examining each panel or string by hand. Aerial inspections via drone are efficient and cost effective, avoiding unnecessary man-hours spent on large utility sites and the risks associated with sending maintenance teams to roof-top inspections.

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How Can Arch Protect Your Investment?

Our comprehensive infrared inspections meet IEC TS 62446-3 thermography standards and will identify abnormal diodes, cells, and hot spots, string issues, and additional anomalies based on temperature differences.

An interactive orthomosaic map of the entire PV system allows for easy locating of anomalies on site.

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Our Drone Services



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  • Meets IEC TS 62446-3 thermography standards
  • Identifies string-level outages, anomalous diodes, cells, hot spots, and additional anomalies based on temperature differences


Rooftop Modeling


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  • Photos for customer use, unedited
  • Interactive 3D Model via shared link
  • 2D or 3D Wireframe drawn to scale noting roof dimensions and features

Aerial Imagery


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Photos for customer use, unedited

O&M Drone Inspections

Our O&M team is experienced and efficient, locating and resolving issues with the additional aid of drone inspections. Contract us to handle your preventative and reactive maintenance and receive regular aerial infrared scans

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