Largest Privately-Owned Solar System in WI State History

Arch Solar C&I Green Valley Dairy April 21, 2021 5:31 am
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Growing company continues to advance renewables across Wisconsin

Arch Electric is proud to announce that it completed the largest privately-owned solar array in Wisconsin history. The system – a 1.852 megawatt (MW) solar field at Green Valley Dairy in Krakow – was officially put into service on September 3. The project is a unique collaboration between Arch Electric, Green Valley Dairy, and Outagamie Clean Energy Partners.

“I’m proud that Arch Electric successfully installed the largest privately-owned solar array in Wisconsin history. We have a highly skilled team with the ability to execute projects of all sizes,” said Arch Electric president Ed Zinthefer. “Thanks to Green Valley Dairy and Outagamie Clean Energy Partners for making this important clean energy installation a reality.”

Green Valley Dairy, which originated in 2000, sits on 86 acres and has continuously been a pioneer in adopting new technology, including the installation of a state-of-the-art robotic milking parlor in 2018.



The Arch-installed system consists of 20 rows of solar panels in a 7.5-acre parcel of land owned by Green Valley Dairy. There are 4,940 panels mounted on metal racking that are integrated with 10 solar inverters, which will produce approximately 2.234 MW of clean energy annually. The solar energy generated annually will offset carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to more than 1,740,000 tons – or the equivalent of either 8.7 railcars worth of coal burned or over 155,000 gallons of diesel fuel burned. The reduction in greenhouse gases will be equal to over 340 cars driven in one year, or over 3.9 million miles driven by an average passenger vehicle.

“With this new investment in onsite solar generation, Green Valley Dairy represents the leading edge of
Wisconsin’s dairy industry in striking a balance between farm economics and environmental responsibility,”
said Michael Vickerman, policy director for RENEW Wisconsin, renewable energy advocacy and education
organization. “Solar power is an excellent fit for a dairy operation that values sustainability. We commend
Green Valley Dairy for following through on its vision.”


About Arch Electric, Inc.

Arch Electric, Inc. – recently named a 2020 Top Solar Contractor – is a Sheboygan County, Wisconsin-based
electrical company specializing in solar and related fields such as energy storage, EV charging, light utility
solar, and commercial solar along with operations and maintenance services since 2003. Today, Arch is
considered the largest vertical provider of solar in Wisconsin. Our 35 MW portfolio includes residential and
commercial rooftop systems, carports, pole mounts, trackers, large and small ground mounts from 10 KW to 50
MW and up for utilities, and unique flat wall solar systems. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower
current and future generations to choose a clean sustainable form of energy.

Solar Installation at Green Valley Dairy in Krakow, Wisconsin
7.5 acres
4,940 – 375W Solar Panels = 1,852,500 Watts (DC)
10 – 125,000 Watt Inverters = 1,250,000 Watts (AC)
Annual Energy Production = 2,234,000 kWh (AC)


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