Solar Incentive Programs in 2021

September 8, 2020 1:48 pm
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The team at Arch Electric wants to highlight two important programs that our customers can take advantage of: The Focus on Energy Program (FOE) and the Federal Incentive Tax Credit (FITC). Both programs were instituted to help growing solar markets mature and incentivize renewable energy projects. As solar prices in Wisconsin continue to fall these programs can open the door to many customers who haven’t been able to consider going solar before.

Focus on Energy has been a statewide program in Wisconsin since 2001. It was created with the goal to help Wisconsin residents and businesses manage their energy costs while encouraging economic growth. FOE works by providing an incentive check upon the completion of a project that meets its criteria, which can be found here. Last year, more than 128,000 homeowners and 6,100 businesses participated in FOE and as of September 1st, $687,773 has been paid out or reserved.

In August, the FOE team reported that residential customers have been installing solar in 2020 at more than double the rate of any previous year. Homeowners who install solar in 2021 are eligible for a $500 incentive check from the program.  FOE also announced that commercial solar funding for systems of less than 100 kW is still available. The Federal Incentive Tax Credit applies to both commercial and residential solar systems and will allow for the deduction of 22% of the cost of installing a solar system from federal taxes in 2021.

FOE and the FITC are just two of the many incentive options available to those looking at going solar. Customers who partner with Arch Electric for their projects won’t need to worry about grappling with the paperwork, our experienced energy consultants take care of the entire process to make the most of the incentives available to you.

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