Arch Electric Awarded Madison College Solar Projects

September 16, 2020 7:36 pm
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Arch Electric announced that it has been awarded the contract for two Madison
College solar projects, located at its Reedsburg and Fort Atkinson campuses. Both projects are included in the
Solar on Schools program, which is administered by the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA).

The Couillard Solar Foundation is contributing 50kW of solar panels to each project through the MREA. The
foundation has sponsored over 30 projects by contributing a portion of the solar panels to each effort. “I’m
thrilled that these projects are moving forward as they are needed now, not in ten years,” said Cal Couillard,
founder of the Couillard Solar Foundation. “I’m pleased to see solar growing, both in support and activity, at
this critical time. We’re doing it for the kids – to demonstrate its benefits and positive impact on our climate.”

Amanda Schienebeck, MREA program manager for the Solar on Schools initiative, said: “The benefits of
solar schools go far beyond financial savings. These projects provide students hands-on education, promote
student leadership experience, and facilitate career exploration in clean energy.”

The Arch-installed system sizes will be 100kW AC in Reedsburg and 120kW AC in Fort Atkinson. Both
systems are ground-mounted solar arrays attached to metal racking that is designed to withstand wind loads
and snow loads. The arrays are positioned at 45 degrees to maximize the production of the solar energy year-round.

Some modules will be installed on seasonally adjustable racking, which will enhance the educational
opportunities and output of the system. Milwaukee Area Technical College is jointly participating in the contract
and installing solar on the Mequon and Oak Creek campuses with systems of 272kW and 346kW respectively,
resulting in a total contribution by the Couillard Solar Foundation of 200kW of solar panels.

Arch Electric President Ed Zinthefer said: “We’re encouraged that schools are embracing solar at this level,
and Arch Electric is honored to help achieve their energy goals. Arch Electric has been a leader in solar since
2003, and it’s rewarding to see the growing interest in this clean, reliable form of renewable energy. Our thanks
to Madison College, the MREA, and the Couillard Foundation for pulling it all together.”

About Arch Electric, Inc.
Arch Electric, Inc. – recently named a 2020 Top Solar Contractor – is a Sheboygan County, Wisconsin-based
electrical contractor specializing in solar and related fields such as energy storage systems, EV charging, utility
solar, residential and commercial/industrial solar and storage, along with operations and maintenance services
since 2003. Today, Arch is considered the largest vertical provider of solar in Wisconsin. Our 35 MW portfolio
includes residential and commercial rooftop systems, carports, pole mounts, trackers, large and small ground
mounts from 10kW to 50MW and up for utilities, and unique flat wall solar systems. Our mission is to educate,
inspire, and empower current and future generations to choose a clean, sustainable form of energy.

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