More Than Just Wall Candy: Why Our Accreditations Matter

May 1, 2019 4:23 pm
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At Arch Electric, we are innovators. As such, we are always looking for the next thing to improve our service and propel our company forward. The accreditations we receive are not obtained at random, or to hang another plaque on our walls. To us, they represent three core values at the heart of our business:

1. A Commitment to Advancing Our Level of, well…everything! We are not Wisconsin’s leading experts on solar and energy storage because we wish it to be so. Everyone in our company is dedicated to honing skills, expanding education, and upping our level of service whenever and wherever possible. Complacency is not in our vocabulary. Why do we think this is important? In the energy industry, things change. And they change FAST! If we didn’t stretch ourselves, we wouldn’t be able to keep up, or set the pace. Period.

2. Dedication to safety and performance standards. Working with electricity can be dangerous. We make sure to meet the minimum OSHA requirements for safety training….and then we train some more. Our Team Leaders undergo monthly leadership training to ensure that they feel empowered to lead a team effectively and safely in the field and behind the scenes. Our employees are the heart of our company, and we know that at the end of the day they return to where their heart is. We don’t just train our employees for the job; we train them to go homefrom the job.

3. Partnerships with Manufacturers with Superior Products and Warranties. We know that in order to be the best solar installers in the state of Wisconsin, we have to install the best product. We strategically partner ourselves with companies that make industry-leading and innovative products that we know our customers will appreciate and get the best lifetime from. We also value companies that “walk-the-walk”. For instance, Panasonic isn’t interested in just making the most efficient panel on the market, they also care that it is the best-performing in the field and value input from our installation teams on how the product can be improved. And above all else, if they are not in align with the previously mentioned values, we want nothing to do with partnering with them.


While we think our list of achievements brings us a sense of accomplishment and pride, at the end of the day we know that they mean SO much more than that! Not only to us, but to the families of our employees and to our customers as well.  You can learn more about Arch Electric and our humble beginnings on our About Us page.


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