Will K. – Mequon

“We had planned on installing solar for a couple years and we recently had Arch Electric complete a beautiful 19.8 kW ground mount array behind our barn on our property in the Village of Mequon.
We chose premium Panasonic modules for the solar, and coupled the system with 3 Tesla Powerwalls with the intention of having all of our electric energy produced by the sun.

I honestly could not be more happy with the system. The solar arrays produce more power than I anticipated and the batteries have been powering my house from Sunset to Sun up with some power to spare. Using the realtime reporting of the Powerwalls software I identified a few energy vampires so I have been able to reduce my electric consumption. I have two EVs and we are charging those off the system as well.
Since February 2020 when the system went live I have used very little electricity from the grid and as the months progress I am sending more and more power to We Energies.

The crew and staff at Arch are the best in the business, have great attention to detail, and are reasonably affordable. Their workmanship is stellar and they certainly live up to their tag line “the Solar and Energy Storage Experts.”

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