Viking Masek, Oostburg

At a Glance

System Size: 239.76 kW

Utility Provider: WE Energies

Connection Type: Monthly Net Metering

Environmental Equivalents

233,485 lbs of coal burned  |  2,345 tons of CO2 emissions

Move to Solar was a Win-Win

After feasibility tests and studies were completed, it was obvious to Viking Masek leadership that investing in solar power would be a win-win decision. The company is less dependent on fossil fuel resources to power their facility and extra electricity generated by the solar installation is going back to the grid for the surrounding community to utilize. It was also a win for their bottom line, as this investment reduces their monthly electric bill significantly and, thanks to additional savings from government grants and tax incentives, the project will pay for itself in 2-3 years.


“An investment in modern solar power was a decision we collaboratively chose to pursue to fulfill our energy needs here at Viking. There will be many days when Viking will produce more energy than we utilize and this energy goes to the grid. This is a win-win for everyone.” – Robb Leonhard, Executive Vice-President, Viking Masek

Local Experts Provide Solar Solution

Viking Masek chose Arch Electric because it is a local company they can trust. As a vertically integrated contractor, Arch Electric handled the solar project from initial informational meetings to design and installation. Project coordinators ensured Viking Masek understood what was happening and when it was going to occur, something that is crucial when running a manufacturing business.

Arch Electric designed a 239.76 kW solar system to offset 76% of the kWh consumption at Viking Masek. They worked with the utility provider to ensure a seamless transition for Viking’s monthly net-metered system. As a local company, Arch Electric understands how a Wisconsin winter can take a toll on solar production and made decisions during the design process to ensure optimal performance during periods of less than perfect weather. An energy monitoring system was installed so Viking Masek can see the production of their array at any time.


Solar Edge Monitoring Integration Proves Project Success

The integration of the Solar Edge monitoring provides real time data on the system’s app. This data helps Viking Masek see how much energy they create, what they use, and how much is exported to the grid. Arch Electric also has access to the monitoring data and will receive alerts if the system is not performing as inspected. This setup allows for Arch Electric to contact Viking Masek to find a solution to get their system back to optimal performance before it affects their utility costs.


“The installation of this solar array was on-time and on-budget. I was always kept aware of their schedule, including the outage on a Saturday. Since all work was done outside, we did not see any loss in production time while the installation was ongoing! Since the system was installed, the Solar Edge monitoring app has shown us days with production of 700 kWh or greater, even in the months of December and January!”

–  Ty Weinhold, COO, Viking Masek



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