Peter Gibeau

The new batteries are working great! They hold a charge and are easily getting us from one day to another. It will be interesting to see how long the charge lasts after a week or two of drizzle or flurries, but the trajectory looks good. I’ve been spending way too much time looking at the OpticsRe and it’s a pretty picture. Russel has everything set for Off Grid instead of Grid Tied, which I also like.

You and your whole team have been so helpful and it’s been great getting to know everybody. For a time we were thinking about getting an extra cot ready for Russel because he was spending so much time here. And Dennis, Ruben, Chris, Tyler and finally Steven (Stephen?) were just fun to have around. And of course Jen was friendly and right on the ball when it came to the paperwork.

I believe in the future of solar and you and your company represent the best of that future.


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