NeighborWorks – Green Bay

At a Glance

System Size: 64.8 kW

Utility Provider: Wisconsin Public Service

Connection Type: Parallel Generation

Environmental Equivalents

62,619 lbs of coal burned  |  63.1 tons of CO2 Emissions

Non-Profit’s Vision Aligned Perfectly With Solar Installation

NeighborWorks in Green Bay, Wisconsin has a vision of being a sustainable, recognized leader in community development in the Green Bay and surrounding areas. The non-profit looks for ways to create affordable housing in spaces that contribute to the revitalization of an older building and increases its efficiency.

This vision and the nature of their work led them to explore options to increase energy efficiency at their downtown, 4-unit office building. The building is situated on a high visibility corner with a large, south-facing roof that was begging for solar!

Arch Electric Provides One-Stop Solar Experience

Arch Electric designed a 64.8 kW system that offsets roughly 63% of the office building’s energy consumption over a 12-month period; saving the non-profit an average of $7,000 annually. To offset costs and to make the project financially viable for the non-profit, Arch was able to help secure grants, financing, and other funding sources for NeighborWorks.

Half of the panels for NeighborWork’s system were mounted on the south-facing gable roof, while the other half of the panels were ballast-mounted on a flat section of the roof. A consumption and production meter were installed at the site to ensure the future success of the system.

Grant Options Make Solar Dream a Reality

Arch Electric is well educated on grants and financing options available for all client types in the state of Wisconsin. NeighborWorks was able to secure grants from Focus on Energy and RENEW’s Solar for Good programs. These grants reduced the total project cost by 40%, saving the non-profit nearly $60,000!


“Dan explored a lot of different avenues with our non-profit to make sure it was financially viable for us. He helped connect us to grant funders and financing mechanisms that reduced our initial investment and improved the availability of the system to us. Once we were ready to install, the work was scheduled quickly and performed very timely. Overall, I am very impressed with Arch Electric and the high level of service they provided our organization.”

– Alex Mueller, Chief Financial Officer, NeighborWorks Green Bay

NeighborWorks Green Bay held a dedication ceremony for their Solar PV system on October 8, 2019. More information can be found here.

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