InkWorks Printing – Plymouth

73.8 kW System Commissioned in 2019

“As a business owner I have a responsibility to grow our business and I believe solar helps us achieve this in 3 distinct ways.

  1. Attract and Retain Employees: Like all companies, we need to attract and retain millennial workers, renewable energy and sustainable practices clearly align with the values of today’s workforce.
  2. Achieve New Sales: Many of our existing customers and potential customers have projects that require sustainable inputs, solar helps us market to these customers.
  3. Improve Financial Results: Tax credits, grants and energy savings help to make this a short-term cash neutral proposition, which will yield long-term cost reduction.


The real bottom line, we want to be a better corporate citizen and this project helps us provide a cleaner environment for our community, our employees and our stakeholders. Because of this core value, it is impossible to find a reason why we wouldn’t invest in solar.”

Bob Travis, President of InkWorks Printing

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