Generations: An Intergenerational Center – Plymouth

At a Glance

System Size: 19.84 kW

Utility Provider: Plymouth Utilities

Connection Type: Net Metering

Environmental Equivalents

19,172 pounds of coal burned     |     19.3 tons of CO2

Renewable Energy Helps Grow Intergenerational Center

Generations houses six tenants, as well as two community multi-purpose spaces within its sprawling 29,000-square-foot facility. An establishment of this magnitude demands close to 40 kW of energy per month. This translates to thousands of dollars per month begin allocated to the non-profit’s utility bill. When Generations was built in 2011, the members of the Plymouth Intergenerational Coalition (PIC) wanted solar included at the site from the very beginning. Due to overall project costs for the nonprofit, a solar PV system was not completed during the build.

Arch Electric, Inc. Sheds Light on Solar Options

In 2015, Arch Electric, Inc. approached the PIC in hopes to inform the group on grants and rebate programs available that would make their solar dreams a reality for Generations. A 19.84 kW solar PV system was designed and installed by Arch Electric, Inc. to hope offset utility costs for the center. Generations was able to utilize programs through WPPI and Focus on Energy to offset the cost of the solar PV system installation. Today, the solar panels at Generations produce 25% of the necessary facility power, with plenty of roof space available to grow the system in the future.

System Monitoring Provides Screenshot of Success

Monitoring installed at Generations allows for instant feedback on solar PV performance. The graph to the right is a screenshot from the monitoring system. Estimated production appears in blue and actual PV system production is in green. System information from Arch’s monitoring program is displayed on a 20-inch screen in the lobby of Generations to showcase the system’s success.


“In 2015 Arch Electric, Inc. alerted us to the possibility of several grans to make a solar PV system feasible. We explored this with them, and with their assistance, navigated our way through the process. Arch did the design and installation of the system. The workmanship was exemplary. Throughout, the expertise and professionalism of Arch Electric, Inc. was outstanding. They guided us through the paperwork, the best panel location, and technical options; all resulting in an attractive, state-of-the-art system.”

Dave Laegerman, Project Lead & PIC Board Member, Generations

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