Don W.

“I wanted to reduce my electric bill and always had an interest in it. In High School I made a solar reflector, a solar over, and a solar hot water heater and lost touch with it over the years. A spike in my electric bill rekindled my interest in solar due to additional computer equipment and prompted me to go investigate solar again! The Federal Income Tax Credit and a local Energy Fund Rebate were driving forces and instrumental in the decision making.

I had three quotes done and I chose Arch Electric because they were the most knowledgeable, understanding, and really listened to what I wanted. Arch gave me what I asked for. It allowed me to accomplish my goals and needs. Some of the questions I had were answered easily by Arch Electric and the other company’s needed to refer me to their owner for answers!

Arch Electric put me in contact with the Clean Energy Group who financed the loans and they were the ONLY company who did that! Arch Electric was on top of everything. I didn’t have to do a thing!

On a side note: The fire department came to my house and wanted to know if they’d get electrocuted if the house is on fire and they put an axe through one of the solar panels. Arch Electric provided all the documentation that the system met the required codes. I took the documentation and images of my house to the station and they made special notes about how to shut the system off.”

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