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“Arch Electric was able to simplify a complex project for solar neophytes like ourselves. They took our raw data and developed a comprehensive proposal that clearly defined the costs, benefits, process and timeframe in layman’s terms. Arch Electric coordinated with WE Energy to complete the project on time and on budget with minimal interruption to our production schedule. They kept us informed of progress and when decisions had to be made they made sure we had the right information to make the right decision. I would highly recommend Arch Electric to anyone considering a commercial solar project in the Milwaukee area.”
– Mike Nicholson President, Ampco Pumps Company

Why did you decide to go solar?

“Three main reasons, environmental, community, and financial. As the company grew so did the utility expenses, in 2018 Ampco saw electricity consumption grow to 692,713 kWh. Ampco is always looking to the future. As we continue to grow, we must be cognizant of our effects on the environment. Renewable energy provides a future that Ampco and its employees believe in. With Focus on Energy’s help through the RECIP grant program, we believe this to be a strong financial decision as well.”

What unique way was Arch Electric able to serve you?

“When we purchased our Glendale building in 2007 it was a 40,000 sq ft multi-tenant facility with seven separate units. After consolidation of those units and a 25,000 sq ft addition in 2013 we were left with a total of nine WE Energy utility meters. Arch Electric took the lead in working with We Energy to consolidate those meters both physically and from a billing standpoint as described in more detail below. This took significant time and coordination to end up with the best solution for Ampco going forward.”

Project summary

Since 1995, Ampco Pumps Company is committed to excellence in the engineering and production of pumps. Currently in our 65,000 sq. ft. facility in Glendale, WI we are equipped with over 17 state-of-the-art machining centers, in house welding, polishing, and assembly. Ampco has a total of (9) WE Energy utility meters on site, each service is 480/277V. 7 of the meters are billed on a WE Energies CG-1 rate, the other 2 are billed on a CG-2 rate. WE Energies and Arch Electric consolidated these meters to two separate account numbers. The 2 remaining CG-1 meters are on one bill and the 2 CG-2 meters will be on a separate bill. Two separate solar systems were installed, sized appropriately for the consolidated consumption per each account number. The CG-1 accounts will be connected to a 133.2 kW (DC) array, it would be roof mounted on a 20-degree ballasted racking system facing due south. The CG-2 accounts will be connected to a 248.4 kW (DC) array, it would also be roof mounted on a 20-degree ballasted racking system facing due south. WE Energies will monthly net metering both services, which means all monthly production offset monthly consumption. The combination of these systems is expected to eliminate 73% of their existing kWh consumed from the utility, lowering monthly energy costs by $62,378 annually.

Pumping Up Our Focus on Renewable Energy

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