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63kW System, Installed in 2018

At Alliance Manufacturing, Inc in Fond du Lac, we manufacture water-based parts cleaning systems for cleaning manufactured parts.  Our business was built on trying to find safe, environmentally friendly cleaning methods.  Keeping in line with our initiatives on sustainability and green manufacturing, we opted to install solar panels at the Alliance production facility to help lower our energy consumption and operating costs.  Solar energy is renewable, allowing us to reduce our environmental footprint. No pollution or greenhouse gases are emitted.  Arch Electric was selected as our preferred contractor to design and install our system.  The folks at Arch are extremely knowledgeable when it comes sizing and recommending equipment.  Arch has a C.E.M. (Certified Energy Manager) on staff, which is very important when picking a contractor.  A Certified Energy Manager has an in-depth understanding of how to analyze your historic energy consumption and how to optimize your future solar system.  Arch also has extensive experience with tax credits, grants and other important financial aspects of your project.  The system install was timely, the workmanship was excellent and the guys on site took great pride in their work.  I would definitely recommend Arch Electric for your Solar System Project.

Ken Manninnen, Vice President

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