Alliance Manufacturing – Fond du Lac

At a Glance

System Size: 63 kW

Utility Provider: Alliant Energy

Connection Type: Parallel Generation

Environmental Equivalents

61 tons of CO2 Emissions     |     60,880 pounds of coal burned

Corporate Culture of Innovation Led to Solar Installation

Powering their building with solar energy aligned perfectly with Alliance Manufacturing’s corporate culture and firm beliefs on environmental stewardship. The project also made financial sense to the company. Owners of Alliance are always looking for new and innovative ways to lower costs and increase market potential. Thanks to a USDA grant and 30% tax credit, this installation is projected at less than a 5-year return on investment.

Both owners are committed to the Fond du Lac business community and look forward to sharing knowledge regarding their move to renewable energy and their reduced environmental footprint.

Arch Provided a Zero-Penetration Roof Mount Solution

Arch Electric designed a system that would utilize Alliance’s existing standing seam metal roof. Through the use of a zero-penetration clamping system, panels were installed facing at a 20 degree angle, allowing for a smooth East and West production of power starting early in the morning at ending late at night.

Arch’s Solar Experience Consultants worked diligently to find multiple grant opportunities and provided Alliance with a substantial low-cost financing method. To add transparency to the technology, a monitoring system was installed. This gives them insight into their system and into the plant’s consumption at the click of a button, allowing for accurate forecasting of monthly energy costs.

Vertical Integration Leads to Longterm Partnership

As a vertically integrated company, Arch Electric was able to develop, design, and implement Alliance’s project without having to utilize third-party contractors. Through their operations and maintenance department, Arch can also keep the system performing optimally over the 25-year warranty period; a partnership Alliance is very excited to be a part of.


At Alliance Manufacturing, Inc in Fond du Lac, we manufacture water-based parts cleaning systems for cleaning manufactured parts.  Our business was built on trying to find safe, environmentally friendly cleaning methods.  Keeping in line with our initiatives on sustainability and green manufacturing, we opted to install solar panels at the Alliance production facility to help lower our energy consumption and operating costs.  Solar energy is renewable, allowing us to reduce our environmental footprint. No pollution or greenhouse gases are emitted.  Arch Electric was selected as our preferred contractor to design and install our system.  The folks at Arch are extremely knowledgeable when it comes sizing and recommending equipment.  Arch has a C.E.M. (Certified Energy Manager) on staff, which is very important when picking a contractor.  A Certified Energy Manager has an in-depth understanding of how to analyze your historic energy consumption and how to optimize your future solar system.  Arch also has extensive experience with tax credits, grants and other important financial aspects of your project.  The system install was timely, the workmanship was excellent and the guys on site took great pride in their work.  I would definitely recommend Arch Electric for your Solar System Project.

Ken Manninnen, Vice President, Alliance  Manufacturing, Inc.

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