Residential Solar Energy Systems

Since 2004, Arch Electric has been helping homeowners in Wisconsin and across the country save money and generate additional income with solar energy systems. We’re dedicated to helping homeowners move toward sustainable, efficient power generation, and that starts with a high-quality solar energy system.

Solar energy is an excellent investment, as it allows you to reduce your monthly energy bills, increase your home’s overall value, decrease your carbon footprint, and even allows you to sell excess energy back to your local power company!

Solar Panel Installation & Service for Homes

Arch Electric provides turnkey solutions for residential solar energy systems. Our solar energy experts sell the systems, our highly skilled electricians install the systems, and we service everything with zero reliance on subcontractors or other groups.

Contact Arch Electric today to start generating sustainable energy.

Need Project Financing?

We understand that paying for your solar project, although more affordable than ever, may not be possible without a financing partner. We highly recommend Clean Energy Credit Union for all of your renewable energy project financing needs!