Operations and Maintenance



As solar professionals, we believe it is our responsibility to see that the systems we build continue to perform for many years after the final commissioning report is signed. This segment of our industry is still developing, and we are at the forefront. Whether you have a residential system, a small commercial system, or a multi megawatt field, we are prepared to service at any level.

We have built on the work of the SunSpec Alliance and others to create baseline scopes of work that can be customized according to the asset owner’s needs. The different requirements of asset owners, financiers, site specifics, and deployed technologies make this challenging to standardize absolutely, but regardless of the variations, all systems need a basic level of service to stay within warranty and continue producing electricity.

We advance the maturation of the O&M marketplace by elevating the workforce through technician training; minimizing transaction costs for asset owners via a single point of contact; and mitigating risk by retaining and training experts who are able to perform work to these standards.



The services of Arch Electric O&M may be most valuable to an asset owner who:

  • Manages a portfolio of solar PV systems which are each between 500 kW and 20 MW and/or a fleet of residential systems;
  • Operates in more than one state or region, and
  • Aligns with our core values of cooperation and mutually beneficial agreements.
  • Requires/desires to retain a service provider that will have the capacity to perform for the long term.



We will identify the system specifications and sites, refine the scope of work, set appropriate pricing, and ultimately sign the legal agreement . Then we will coordinate and schedule preventive and corrective maintenance site visits, thus keeping travel costs and response times to a minimum. We will perform this work according to a general operating agreement.

As a client, you will have access to a portal in our software system, with visibility to each system’s site visit schedule, billing schedule, links to O&M reports, maintenance logs, and the terms of your Service Level Agreement (SLA).  Asset owners can actually initiate tickets for corrective maintenance through that system, should they so desire.



  • Our highly skilled and experienced O&M staff are capable of performing anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico.
  • We have Amicus O&M partners across the country and in Canada that we can rely on for support as needed.
  • High quality workmanship as noted by several of our National Development partners.
  • Single point of contact for the whole portfolio
  • Consistent service levels.
  • Standardized reporting
  • Client access to software to track upcoming site visits, invoices, reports, and site-related documentation
  • Internal marketplace for spare parts


What’s next?

Contact us here or call our main office at 920.893.8388 to speak with our O&M staff about your needs and how Arch Electric O&M can provide you with a solution.