Installing Solar In The Winter

November 8, 2022 4:14 pm
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With Winter around the corner, you might wonder, ‘What happens with solar installs when it snows?’ 

Our professional installers know exactly how to work with solar in every season!  

Do Solar Installs Pause in The Winter? 

No, solar installs do not pause in the winter. We can continue installing as long as it is deemed safe to do so. In fact, many people and businesses purchase systems in the summer months when solar is top of mind and see their array get installed that same winter. Since panels produce electricity, even in clouds, a winter install will still provide you instant savings on your electricity bill!  

How Do Installers Put the Panels Up in the Snow? 

The techniques may differ for residential vs. commercial installs, but the overall process is the same. 

  1. Ensure the crew has the correct weather gear and safety equipment.  
  2. Shovel or brush the snow off the roof.  
  3. Make sure any ice or hazardous debris is cleared from the roof.  
  4. Lay out the array and start installing! Check out the installation process HERE. 

Is It Safe to Have People on My Roof in the Winter? Do I Need Extra Insurance? 

As long as our crew can clear snow and work with the roof for racking, our installers are safe to continue their work. Even better, there is no extra insurance needed.  


Winter in Wisconsin brings a lot of challenges that we adapt to every day. Since Arch Solar is local to Wisconsin and only services this area, our installers are experts in both solar and the way it can be handled in all four seasons. Winter is actually a great time to get solar installed. Systems will start saving you money as soon as they are commissioned.  

So, don’t be afraid of a winter install. The beauty of solar is that it works year-round! 



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