Hot Off the Press: Arch Electric Completes 9.183 MW Portfolio in Central Wisconsin

September 16, 2019 7:19 pm
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Arch Electric, Inc., of Plymouth, recently completed several sites in Central and Southern Wisconsin as part of the Butter Solar project designed to supply power to the surrounding areas.  These projects resulted from a unique collaboration between Organic Valley, OneEnergy Renewables and the participating communities. OneEnergy Renewables is a leading developer of community and utility-scale solar energy projects across the United States. Of the 12 total sites, Arch performed in 5 locations;  Argyle, Elroy, Cashton, New Lisbon, and Ashland, WI.  Arch expertly completed all of the wire management and medium voltage work for the general contractor and was responsible for all aspects leading up to the successful commissioning of each system to the satisfaction of the investors.


The project began in early February and progressed throughout the winter and spring, with substantial completion, inspection, commissioning, and all sites fully operational in early August.  Over 26,000 solar panels were installed for these projects, each having to be connected to another for proper power output.


Arch was chosen for the wire management and medium voltage electrical portion of the project by the construction contractor for the projects, Recon Corp. of Mt. Pleasant, MI, due to their longstanding expertise in solar energy.  The difficult and intrinsic nature of the work performed required electricians with a strong background in solar and quality workmanship.  Arch staff managed just under a million feet of photovoltaic (PV) wiring, all the terminations and connections to the inverters, and landed it all at large transformers that they installed. Their expertise in medium voltage management and design is their strong point.


More information about the Butter Solar story can be found here:

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) approved the project in late 2018.

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