Doing Solar Right in Milwaukee, WI

June 8, 2021 8:11 pm
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We get a lot of questions from our neighbors about if their home is right for solar. Especially in Milwaukee, the first thought is to assume you need a perfect roof for solar. They think that maybe solar works well on farmhouses with no other buildings around to shade, no neighbors to worry about, and no municipal permitting process to work through.  But can it work on your home in the city?

Luckily, we have the answer for you from your Milwaukee-based Arch Electric Team. Doing solar right in Milwaukee is a little different than in the country but with experience and innovation, it can be just as successful. So how do we ensure that you can do solar in Milwaukee? Here’s how:


  1. Be creative and innovative with your roof. The first question we get from Milwaukeean’s looking at solar is asking if their roof has enough space to make solar worth it. We see this a lot with the bungalow-style homes that are so common throughout the city. Luckily we have options developed over decades of doing solar in Milwaukee: We can design the array on the east and west faces of the roof rather than looking only at the south face. Utilizing the detached garage as the solar platform rather than the home roof. Even potentially aggregating the electric meters on former duplexes turned into single homes or vice versa.


2. Know your utilities. As a homegrown Wisconsin company, we have had over 2 decades of working with the primary Milwaukee area utility company WE energies. That means knowing how their rate structures, net metering policies, and their requirements for solar interconnections. So,​ when you sign a contract for your solar installation, you know that it’s not going to be turned off by the utilities because it wasn’t done by the book.


3. Have your installation done by Milwaukee Locals. With so many solar companies starting up overnight, it can be overwhelming deciding who to go with. While price is always a consideration, it’s just as important to have your investment in solar installed by people who have a track record and vested interested in your community. Our team based in Milwaukee’s east side does more than just install solar in the cream city, we live here. That means we treat all of our customers as our neighbors because they are.

To see images of our installs visit our gallery, or check out our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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