Bifacial Solar Panels – The Upcoming Trend?

February 14, 2022 9:28 pm
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To make solar work in Wisconsin you need to get the absolute most of your entire solar energy system. Our designers are always searching for the next advancement in technology that will enable us to squeeze the extra watts out of the limited sunlight we get during our frozen winter.

As we look ahead in 2022, it appears that the next game-changing technology for Wisconsin solar installations could be bifacial solar panels.

  Simply put, a bifacial solar panel is a panel that can generate energy on both sides, top, and bottom. You can see the solar cells on this bifacial panel being installed here, even though we are looking at the back of the panel.

So what’s the benefit of having a “double-sided” solar panel? Well, as with most things, it depends on a lot of the specific situations of that system. If the bifacial panels are mounted on a ground-based racking system, like the image above, then the bottom layer of solar cells can capture sunlight reflected off of snow in the winter! Turning one of Wisconsin Solar’s biggest challenges into an asset. Even if it’s not snowing, the underside of the panels can pick up low-level reflection off almost anything that causes the sunlight to bounce off the ground, including grass. You can even see the impact when bifacial panels are used on white roofed buildings, the reflective white roof acting as artificial snow to reflect more sunlight back onto the panels.

Does that mean bifacial solar panels will soon be the default solar technology? Not exactly, there are plenty of situations where bifacial panels either don’t add that much or aren’t worth the additional cost. The biggest example is on rooftop residential solar installations. In these cases, the panels are mounted on the roof only a few inches above the shingles. This means there isn’t much room for light to reflect off the roof. In the right situation, such as on a snowy roof with tilted mounting systems, bifacial panels can be an incredible asset to making solar work efficiently in Wisconsin.

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