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September 2, 2020 1:10 pm
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We are very excited to announce that Arch Electric is now a Certified Lumin Installer as well as the ONLY in our great state of WisconsinAs experts in the solar & energy storage field, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve on new technology. The Lumin platform provides homeowners the ability to prioritize how their energy storage system runs their household during the case of a power outage. This can be wired for up to 12 circuits and must be installed by a Lumin Certified Electrician.  

Lumin is the pioneer and market leader for responsive load control, adding exceptional value to residential microgrids by balancing the needs of energy storage and multiple power sources (traditional electrical grid, solar PV, backup generator). The Lumin platform is an addition to a standard electrical panel and makes ordinary circuits smart and responsive. Lumin helps homeowners automatically or manually control their home’s microgrid and enhance and protect their investment in solar PV, energy storage, and more. The Lumin solution is valued by homeowners, solar + storage installers, utilities, and home builders. To learn more, please visit 


For an in-depth look at Lumin, check out this video!

Arch Electric is Wisconsin’s leader for solar and battery backup solutions. Interested in adding solar to your home or taking your home off the grid? Contact our experts today! 



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