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Is your wallet feeling the impact of high electricity costs? Find out more on how you can reduce your electric bill, increase your home value, and generate additional income.

Small Businesses

Does your electric bill scare $#%& out of you? Working with Focus on Energy, Arch Electric is here to help you reduce energy consumption through greater energy efficiency.  Plus, Focus on Energy will help cover improvement costs!


Does your manufacturing business have an energy management partner?  Arch Electric has you covered. our expertise in Energy Efficiency and Energy Management can significantly reduce your operating and maintenance costs.

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Food & Beverage Producers

As a food and beverage producer your energy demands are substantial. Do you have an energy management partner to ensure every energy dollar is maximized?  Our personnel are trained to work in your “no excuses” environment.

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Arch Electric has helped numerous Wisconsin Farms save money and make much needed services upgrades / improvements.  We will identify opportunities for savings, reduced maintenance, reduced stray voltage, and safety.  Think of us as the experts at getting you the maximum Focus on Energy financial incentives for your farm.

Nonprofits & Municipalities

Is your organization feeling the budgetary squeeze? Arch Electric is here to assist you in maximizing your budget through reduced energy consumption.  Our Energy Team has a tremendous amount of experience with Focus on Energy grants and various non-profit organizations.