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Every business, whether it’s a local store, school district, or a manufacturer, is looking for ways to decrease their operational costs while promoting clean, renewable sources of energy. As one of the top commercial solar installers in Madison, WI and the surrounding areas for over 15 years, Arch Electric Inc has installed and maintained solar power systems for businesses in Wisconsin and across the country. We’re focused on providing turn-key solar systems built for reliability and quality, no matter the industry.

When it comes to choosing commercial solar installers in Milwaukee, WI and the surrounding areas, Arch Electric Inc is your number one choice. With site location, utility bills, and objectives, we can help you understand how solar can meet your goals.

Based on your energy objectives, a combination of desktop and onsite analysis, our conceptual design will propose a practical and financial overview.

Advancing the system design to prepare permitted deliverables includes engineering (electrical, civil, and structural) best practices, analytical tools, and system performance modeling programs.

Marketing opportunities abound as aerial imagery offers a unique perspective to showcase your property from the sky.

Traditional PV System inspections and troubleshooting involve manually examining each panel or string by hand. Aerial inspections via drone are efficient and cost effective, avoiding unnecessary man-hours spent on large utility sites and the risks associated with sending maintenance teams to roof-top inspections.

As a member of the Amicus Cooperative, we have literally hundreds of megawatts of procurement-buying power for top-tier equipment.  Our construction managers and site supervisors are successful with project types of varied complexities and constraints.

Arch Electric Inc is one of the top commercial solar installers in Madison, WI and the surrounding areas. We offer full-service operation and maintenance services ranging from remote system monitoring and diagnosis to onsite annual service based on a detailed operations and maintenance best practice standard.

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