In the Office


Ed Zinthefer


Ed is a 20+ year Master Electrician with vast experience in large industrial wiring, switch-gear maintenance, distribution and preventative maintenance, hazardous and classified environments, intrinsically safe electrical systems, and complicated control systems. In 2005, Ed became one of the first Wisconsin NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installers (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners). Years later, he became one of nine IREC Certified Master PV Trainers (Interstate Renewable Energy Council). He is also a registered Focus on Energy Compliancy Agent – they hire Ed to check other contractors work, to make sure it was built with quality standards. Ed has been a regular instructor at technical colleges and energy organizations for the past 10+ years.

Master Electrician #270617
NABCEP Certifications #032407-74

From 1984 – 2008 Ed served in the US Army reserve with the majority of his career as a drill instructor for basic training then later training soldiers to become drill instructors at the US Army Leadership Academy. This was certainly his most challenging and the most rewarding position served. The final years of Ed’s career included being selected for and completion of 1st Sgt Academy, then serving as a 1st SGT in a Basic Training Brigade with approximately 23 subordinate drill instructors under his direction.

Ed’s interest in sustainability has always existed since spending many childhood years on his grandparent’s farm where every provision was viewed as a blessing. Very little was wasted. This attribute is passed on in day to day life to his 4 children at Arch Sustainability LLC, the family farm, which includes numerous sustainability practices such as grass fed beef, hog, goat, chicken, duck, and geese on 18 acres of rotation grazed pasture land. Ed also maintains honey bees and collects those wonderful products from the hive. Maple syrup and maple confections have also provided a source of productivity and sustainable practices. In 2013 Ed built an authentic style sugar shack from trees harvested directly from the property which were also saw milled on site. This building reproduces the tradition used in the boiling of maple sap to syrup. Ed’s farm also includes a greenhouse which provides opportunity to grow food beginning early spring through late fall and even certain crops through mid-winter.

Mindy Zinthefer

Mindy Zinthefer

The Woman Behind Beside the Man

Mindy has been with Arch Electric Solar since its inception in 2003. She encouraged Ed to take a giant leap of faith, and follow their vision for a company with the utmost regard to quality, service, and environmental stewardship.

Retiring from a career in Deep Tissue / Trigger Point therapy gave Mindy the opportunity to wholly stand alongside Ed and engage her gifts of discernment, providing aid in the steering of the “Arch.”

Sharing Ed’s desire to utilize the natural resources we’ve been blessed with, Mindy, Ed, and their four children help run Arch’s sister company and family farm; Arch Sustainability LLC. There, they lovingly produce pure Maple products, raw honey, grass-fed meats, and natural personal products.

Jeff Ray

Jeff Ray

Director of Finance

Jeff joined Arch late in 2017, bringing with him over 25yrs of comprehensive financial and accounting experience along with financial experience in both public and private industry. He graduated from The Ohio State University with an accounting degree in 1988 and achieved his MBA in 2004. Prior to Joining our team, he founded a company specializing in enhancing business value and identifying strategic ownership transition opportunities.

Brianna Russell Marketing Coordinator

Brianna Russell

Marketing Coordinator

Brianna has a background in marketing and web management for sustainable energy companies. Her passion for a people and the planet it fuel a strong desire to help others reach their sustainability goals successfully! She is a charismatic, driven, compassionate, and energetic individual. She is not afraid of a challenge and enjoys learning new things. She loves working with our staff and clients to spread sunshine and sustainability wherever and whenever possible!

Jolynn VanGinkel

Inventory Manager

Jo has been with the company for several years, starting out cleaning the office and working her way up doing inventory in the shop along with helping out with the office work. Just recently she has added social media management to her list duties. She designs and edits the website and manages all of Arch’s social media presence.

In the Field


Mike Cornell

Mike has been passionate about renewable energy and energy management since building his first earth home in rural Sheboygan county that has passive solar gain heat. He recently installed a 7.37kW solar system on his Hartland home and eliminated over 90% of his electric bill.  Mike’s memberships include the ReNew Wisconsin Board, Amicus Solar Co-op, Clean Energy Credit Union (link to CECU), and the American Solar Energy Society (ASES),

Mike’s passion and background allow him to assist Arch customers achieve their goals of utilizing the energy of the sun and conservation in all areas of electric power, including lighting, cooling, heating, energy storage, and anything related to clean energy for households, businesses, farms, as well as municipal, educational, healthcare, and commercial enterprises. He is a NABCEP accredited solar advisor, and MREA Site Assessor, and a Wisconsin coordinator for the National Drive Electric Vehicle (NDEV) event held each September.

Angie Domagalski

Angie Kochanski

Energy Consultant

Angie began her career in the solar industry in 2010 with a Milwaukee based solar panel manufacturer. Her resilience and commitment to solar lead her to Arch Electric Solar in 2016. She’s grateful to be in a team environment and motivated by the opportunity and growth of the industry and Arch’s place in it.

Angie’s diverse background in various sectors of the solar industry makes her a valuable resource to her clients. She takes pride in being a consultant for folks as they make a commitment to invest in solar and ensures that they feel confident through each step of the process. Angie is currently working toward completing her NABCEP PV Technical Sales Certificate and also the owner of a 3kw system on her home.

When she’s not thinking and dreaming all things solar, she’s either on an adventure with her dog Charlie or helping her fiancé manage his polka bar!


Paul Behm

Energy Consultant

Paul is a Shorewood, WI resident servicing the Milwaukee area for Arch as one of our expert energy consultants. Paul has broad solar experience around the world, working with all sizes of systems and configurations, including energy storage and off grid designs. Paul has the capability to meet with customers on evenings and weekends when it is most convenient for them.

Keith Conway Energy Consultant

Keith Conway

Energy Consultant

Keith’s interest in renewable energy technologies and concern for the environment inspired him to earn a B.S. in Sustainable Management from UW-Parkside. Soon after graduating, in 2012, he was given the opportunity to join the Arch Electric Solar team as an energy consultant focusing in the area of energy efficient lighting, and more recently in the upward trending field of solar energy. Keith has experience utilizing grant programs and Focus on Energy incentives while developing the most economical path for small-businesses, churches, schools, farms, manufacturers, municipalities, non-profits, and home owners to lower energy demands, resulting in reduced utility costs. He is proud that his work at Arch Electric Solar helps others save money, as well as benefiting the environment.

Tyler Russell Journeyman Electrician

Tyler Russell

Journeyman Electrician

Upon his completion of Moraine Park Technical College’s electrical program Tyler began his apprenticeship with an electrical company out of Richfield WI. He joined the Arch Electric Solar team in 2007 and obtained his journeyman’s license in 2015. He has experience in many aspects of the electrical field including, but not limited to, solar installations, small business upgrades through Focus On Energy, and working in Industrial settings. He is an avid outdoors-man, enjoys playing sports, and volunteers with the Glenbeulah Fire Department.


Dennis Wells

Journeyman Electrician

Dennis A Wells II was born October 8, 1984, and raised in Milwaukee, WI. Dennis was raised by a father who was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army and mother who was a Human Resource Director came from a family who believe education comes first and pushed Dennis to succeed in his studies. Dennis went on to excel at math and science in school which sparked his interest in electrical engineering.

Upon graduating from Custer High School (Milwaukee) in 2004, Dennis was accepted into the Milwaukee School Of Engineering to pursue his passion of electrical engineering. At that time, he chose to pursue other opportunities in the trades of carpentry, welding, plumbing, and home improvement, and he rediscovered his passion for electrical work. After taking time out to raise his daughter, Dennis went on to enroll in the electrician’s apprentice program at Waukesha County Technical College and gained employment with Arch Electric Solar. Dennis is a highly accomplished solar installer with broad experience in all facets of solar rooftop installations. In his free time Dennis enjoys doing home improvement jobs throughout the city of Milwaukee, traveling, and spending time with his family.


Kris Russell

Apprentice Electrician /
Solar Installer

Kris began his electrical apprenticeship at Lakeshore Technical College in Sheboygan in 2006 after graduating from Plymouth High School. He’s been working as an electrician and solar installer at Arch Electric Solar since 2010. Kris has several years of experience as a dedicated solar installer and has led projects from roof mount to ground mount all over our service area, working in all kinds of conditions.

He is also a volunteer with the Glenbeulah WI Fire Department with brother Tyler. He enjoys playing softball and golf and spending time with his wife and daughter in his free time, as well as hunting during the season.


Troy Wenzel

Project Manager

With over 25 years in the field, Troy has vast experience in commercial, industrial and residential settings. He is also skilled and certified in the installation of EV car charging systems, solar PV systems, operations & maintenance of PV systems, wind turbines, and lighting upgrades. His knowledge and experience are key when troubleshooting. He can assist in planning, designing and estimating all your electrical needs. Troy joined Arch in 2004 and is now the most tenured employee with the company. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, hunting, fishing and riding his Harley.

Sean Thoreson

Sean Thoreson

Solar Installer

Sean joined the Arch team in 2017 as a Solar Installer with 10 years of customer service and account management. With his enthusiasm for teamwork and customer satisfaction, he has mastered the art of adding a warm personality to the business world.

Zachary VanDreel

Zachary VanDreel

Solar Installer

Zak has a passion for solar power and helping the environment. This led him to a two-year solar energy technology program at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College (Green Bay). After graduating in 2017, he obtained his NABCEP PV Associates and continues to work towards NABCEP Certification. He found Arch Electric Solar while looking for installer work in Wisconsin. He enjoys installing solar and is eager to learn more with hopes of designing systems to fit client’s needs. In his spare time, Zak enjoys longboarding and reading.

NABCEP Associate #PVA-062717-018587


Cody VanGinkel

Electrical Apprentice

Cody has been with Arch since 2012 and is currently enrolled at Moraine Park Technical College as an Electrical 5th-year Apprentice. Cody plans on completing his apprenticeship and will be going on to receive his Journeyman license. Cody has 4 1/2 years of experience in multiple facets of electrical work, including; Industrial, Commercial, Residential, and Solar; including routine/ preventative “maintenance and repairs on both Electrical and Mechanical components of Solar tracking systems. Cody has had the opportunity to work first hand with customers to meet their needs, and would love to help meet your needs as well!

Matthew Simonson

Matthew Simonson

Electrical Apprentice

Matt started with Arch Electric Solar in 2017. He is a motivated individual who loves helping people and making sure a job is done well. His ability to fix things and two years as a cable field technician helped him to realize his desire to become an electrician. He spends his free time hanging out with his wife, playing video games with friends, playing softball or working with his youth group at his church.