Village of Whitefish Bay

At a Glance

System Size: 199.9 kW

Utility Provider: WE Energies

Connection Type: Monthly Net Metering

Environmental Equivalents

193,172 lbs of coal burned     |     195 tons of CO2 emissions

Village Looking to Be Catalyst for Renewable Energy

The Village of Whitefish Bay was looking to take a big step forward in their community by constructing and owning a facility that obtains all its electricity from a renewable source.

Understanding the growing need for energy independence, the village hoped to be an example and catalyst for change for its residents and local business owners, as well as other municipal/government entities.

The hope was to install solar system on the public works building that would completely offset the facility’s energy demand.

Custom Solar Solution Found With Arch Electric

Arch Electric was able to design-build a custom solar solution for the Public Works building that was directly mounted to the flat ballasted rubber membrane roof. The system was designed to offset 107% of the building’s annual kWh consumption, with power monitoring in place to ensure projected system performance.

The Village Board approved the funding for this project after Arch was able to secure a Focus on Energy RECIP grant worth $83,000 to offset the costs. The Director of Public Works, John Edlebeck, commented: “All Arch staff were very knowledgeable, professional, and delivered on each and every aspect of the project that they committed to.”

Vertical Integration Leads to Long-term Partnership

As a vertically integrated company, Arch Electric was able to develop, design, and implement the Village of Whitefish Bay’s project without having to utilize third-party contractors. Through their Operations and Maintenance Department, Arch can also keep the system performing optimally over the 25-year warranty period.


“I was impressed with Arch Electric and all of their employees in this process. From concept design, solar grant application, design, project management and construction, they provided complete and thorough oversight delivering a complete passive solar array system that will serve the Village of Whitefish Bay, WI for years to come.”

John Edlebeck, P.E. Director of Public Works, Village of Whitefish Bay

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