Susan A.

“IF installing solar is all the things that it is supposed to be, why doesn’t everyone do it? Our earth needs us to make changes and live better QUICK! We all need to be less of a burden on this planet. In 5 years we will have spent the same amount of money we would have paid WE Energies on electricity to pay off the solar array. (+interest rates are very low just now) The panels are good to go for 25 years with parts and labor. Making our energy costs very low for 20 more years. Besides that ~ It feels really nice to be helping just a little bit toward easing the burden we humans are on the planet. I hope seeing our panels sends a message to my neighbors and car traffic that goes past our farm. As solar becomes more prevalent maybe everyone will realize they can do it! I think it will catch on. Electric cars are improving. Hopefully affordable electric cars are just around the corner. We live in hectic times. We thought about solar for years before we finally did it. There is no down side that I can see. Especially when you can trust Arch Electric to do a great job. Thank you!”

Why did you decide to go solar?

“We wanted to use clean energy for many years. It is the smart thing to do economically and for the environment. I think many people mean to get around to making changes and just do not find the opportunity. These are hectic times. It is easy to suddenly realize; another year has past! We had our roof replaced first, but getting solar is something that had been getting at me for a long time. Having electricity made by your own panels made us feel we are saving money and helping the planet. ”

What unique way was Arch Electric able to serve you?

“I had three estimates for our home, but chose Arch Electric because they are prompt, friendly and have real integrity. The solar process involved many people from Arch Electric. Angie talked me through the information and helped me choose the panels for our project. From the people who answered the phone in the office to the installers, everyone was professional, on time and did what they said they were going to do! Nice ~ very nice to have no surprises. Every aspect was in order and moved smoothly through the process.”

Was there something that stands out about Arch Electric through this process?

“Arch Electric’s install crews were timely and professional. There was a lack of surprises they were friendly and did a great job!”


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