Mark D. – Waterford

Arch Electric has been great to work with! I highly recommend Arch to anyone considering a home solar installation. I looked at proposals from 4 other companies and Arch was by far the easiest to understand with all the relevant information laid out clearly and concisely with key figures easy to find. On top of that, their panel layout was well done the first time (I can’t say the same about layouts from two other companies that didn’t even use our south-facing roof!). Angie was very accommodating when we decided to expand the system layout after buying an electric car. Once the contract was signed, Arch kicked into motion to schedule everything and file paperwork. I was copied on some emails, but the Arch team took care of EVERYTHING. Installation – in the middle of January – was done professionally and with little needed of me. The system has been running now for a little over 2 weeks and we’re enjoying checking the app to see how much energy we produced! Thank you Arch Electric for making our solar project a breeze!

*Review from Arch Electric, Inc. Google Reviews*

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This post was written by Jolynn VanGinkel