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Arch Electric - Wisconsin Solar Installation Experts -16.06kW Residential Solar Installation (Menominee Falls)

My solar system (photovoltaic panels or “PV” system as I guess the pros call it) from Arch Electric has been up and running for five months now. I could not recommend Arch Electric more highly. First of all, they are local and have been in Wisconsin a long time. They are a family business. That means something to me. I researched it a bit before I made the first phone call. From what I could ascertain, Arch installs only the best PV panels available. I know there are cheaper solar panels out there but they aren’t rated that highly. This was a big expense up front and a long-time commitment for me. I wanted high-quality solar panels that I wouldn’t have to worry about five or ten years from now. That is what Arch Electric sells and installs. The entire process was excellent. The estimator came out and spent time with me. I wasn’t sure at that point that I was going to go ahead with it. She talked with me about how the system works, the installation process, the tax credits (important to me!), financing, and the estimated time it would take for the system to pay for itself (not as long as you’d think). She sent a quote promptly after I gave her my electric bills so she could estimate the best system for me and my family. We continued to discuss my goals, costs, concerns, and so forth. We emailed back and forth when I had questions. She was very, very responsive. I will tell you that my system is thought to pay itself off in 9-to-11 years and after that, it’s wholly free energy. That is darned attractive. The other BIG selling point to me was that if something goes wrong, Arch Electric’s 25-year warranty is for parts AND labor. Twenty-five years!! Obviously, Arch stands behind what they sell. It’s impressive and won me over. I want a system that is worry-free. After the contract was signed, they sent an engineer to figure out if my roof would support the weight and other engineering measurements to ensure a good plan. (My roof was fine.) The engineer was pleasant and efficient. And clean. On the day of installation, they sent three installers. Those guys were great!! They were on-time (a little early, actually), respectful, efficient, CLEAN, and when there were decisions to be made I was consulted. Such a good process! I can’t believe that installation went so quickly. It took only two days. In fact, one of the installers had to wait until 8 PM on the last day for a WeEnergies inspector to give his blessing on the system before the switchover. This installer was so good about waiting. He had nothing to do for hours other than wait. I felt terrible for him and his family. He never complained. Such a nice guy! During the installation, Arch sent a supervisor to make sure I was happy. He also brought me a very generous jug of the homemade maple syrup that the Arch Electric family makes every spring. It is a lovely gift that they don’t “have” to give. I really appreciate the family thoughtfulness and generosity. (Do you have any idea how much effort it takes to make “real” maple syrup and not that garbage they sell at the supermarket? OMG!) Anyway, five months later, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my solar system. I have an app on my mobile phone where I can see the status of each panel (like I know what any of that data means – LOL!), review my system’s output, and see my savings up to the minute — money that I am not paying to WeEnergies anymore. It’s heaven. If you are thinking about getting a solar system, I think you should start a conversation with Arch Electric. It’s an upstanding, quality company. It is not possible to recommend anyone higher. Good luck and go solar!!


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This post was written by Jolynn VanGinkel