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Arch Electric helped me create a home with lower electric bills. It wasn’t easy.

In an effort to decide which company would install solar panels on the roof of my newly built garage, my first thought was to scour the state to find three businesses that could provide direction and price estimates. My first web stop was Arch Electric, a company just down the highway from my city and a company I was familiar with because of past electrical needs. A company I felt had me as a consumer in mind during projects.

As I perused their website, read their testimonials, their affiliations, and awards & accreditations, I decided that I would forego contacting other companies. I would find out how they handled the development of my project before calling on anyone else.

The 2019 project would not be easy to piece together. In 2013 another company had installed 22 solar panels on the roof of my home, posing the puzzle of how to seam together two different systems.

Keith had solutions, though. He examined the system already in place and viewed the blueprints of the yet to be built garage. He brought all the information back to the office, studied it, then with the aid of the engineers, developed the plan of action that involved the installation of eight solar panels mounted on the south-facing garage roof. Within a week he was back at my home, spreading out his vision over my kitchen table, along with the estimated price range. It all looked good to me, so I decided to give his plan the go-ahead.

The project development worked its way through not just the engineers at Arch Electric, Alliant Energy, the utility that provides electrical power to my home, had to play an integral role. I was provided copies of communications between the two companies, so was always aware of the project’s progression.

When all the paperwork was signed by both companies, it was time to do the installation. The crew was professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. It wasn’t long before I had all 30 solar panels hooked up to the grid, running with net metering.

During 2020, the solar array on my property gave me the freedom from electric bills starting in May through the October electric billing period. During that time, I used electricity for charging my all-electric automobile and for all appliances and devices in my all-electric household. Still, each billing period showed a credit.

The icing on the cake is my carbon footprint is less now than in the past.

I highly recommend Arch Electric.




*Review from Arch Electric Google Reviews

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