Jerry H.

“I wanted to do my part to the carbon footprint, I thought it was a wise decision economically and I wanted to take advantage of the Federal and State rebates. Thirty years ago I built a solar water heater. I am a retired science teacher and I use to do projects with the kids focused on sunlight and solar. One project we did involved using Fresnel lenses to focus light energy, which are powerful enough to bring lead to it’s melting point! I am a keen observer of climate change. It’s something I have been studying for many years now. I give presentations about it.

I got three or four quotes from companies and I chose Arch Electric because they had the best deal for the cost per watt compared to other companies’ quotes. Their staff was also very personable and accommodating to what I wanted. They really listened to my suggestions and the installation was done in one day! The customer service was excellent and the technology presented to me was appreciated.”

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