James H. – Green Bay

I was always concerned about vehicle emissions and having to breathe it in. Its been bothering me since I was a young man in the ‘60’s. When I would take care of my parents in the valley of Mesa Arizona, I could see the smog over the city. That made me think of another way to find power. I’ve been making my own home solar plant since ‘73 with Aluminum cans and acrylic topping.

Arch helped me look at my capacity and made me feel comfortable with my system that I can expand further in the future. I’ve already had my billing cut in half on my second bill since the install. I saw these fellows mount their gear, diligently working and in one day they completed the job. I looked over how it was fastened, how it was placed and mounted. Approved? You bet! And I got to see the results of their work by the 2nd bill.

To someone considering solar: We’ve seen the advancement of old tube radios when electric was just new, and now we see the wonder of what it can do with different appliances. Today, you have the opportunity to equip yourself with the power to not just use your appliances but help the environment. If you have ever experienced smog in the city I would encourage you to consider this option. Visit a place that has solar and see what features it has. Come to my home, take a look at my capacity and my bills, look at the equipment, and how well it is installed. All I can tell is that it has been kind to me, it has accomplished exactly what I want it to do, and I am looking to expand in the future.





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This post was written by Jolynn VanGinkel