Iowa County Health and Human Services

At a Glance

System Size: 106.56 kW

Utility Provider: Alliant Energy

Connection Type: Parallel Generation


Environmental Equivalencies

103,771 pounds of coal burned  |  104 tons of CO2 emissions



Sustainable Mission Began 10 Years Before Solar Project

In October 2009, the Iowa County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution to become an Energy Independent Community. The goal was to generate 25% of the energy needed by county government operations from efficient and clean renewable sources by the year 2025. In 2013, another resolution was passed to join other Wisconsin citizens, businesses, and local governments in endorsing the Clean Energy Choice Initiative.

The planning and installation of this project will provide evidence of the cost savings and benefits of investing in renewable energy technologies. In addition, information learned from this project will pave the way for consideration of any future energy efficiency upgrades.

Comprehensive Solar Solution Found with Arch Electric

Arch Electric was able to provide a custom solution for Iowa County. Careful consideration of design and detailed planning at each step of the project was integral to success. With an in-house design team, Arch was able to work with the suggestions given by the county and created a solution that would meet the needs of the building and the budget.

The solar array was mounted to four separate roof sections of the county’s beautiful Health and Human Services building. The system will offset 44% of the building’s current annual energy usage. With Iowa County’s investment and Focus on Energy’s RECIP Grant contribution, the IRR is 8.78% and the project will generate $468,341 in energy savings to the county over its 30-year life.

Grant Funding Helps Offset Project Cost

Arch Electric is well educated on grants and financing options available for all client types in the state of Wisconsin. Iowa County was able to secure a grant from Focus on Energy’s RECIP grant program. This grant reduced the total project cost, saving the county nearly $33,000.

“I would highly recommend using Arch electric for any type of solar installation. From the engineers to the installers, the professional comprehensive service that was provided for our project was excellent. We are completely satisfied with our new solar installation and look forward to working with Arch Electric in the future as more capital improvement investments are made to aid in our mission of being sustainable and more environmentally conscious.”

–  Barry Hottmann, Community Development Educator, UW-Madison, Iowa County Extension

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