Hoffman Manufacturing Corp. – Madison

At a Glance

System Size: 133 kW

Utility Provider: Madison Gas & Electric

Connection Type: Parallel Generation

Environmental Equivalents

128,524 lbs of coal burned     |     130 tons of CO2 Emissions

Search for Clean Energy Solution Led to Interest in Solar

Hoffman Manufacturing Corp was looking for a change. A clean change. Their draw to clean power led them to solar energy and the benefits it could provide their impact on the environment and their utility bill.

The addition of the solar PV system to their roof would be in conjunction with an additional 38,000 square-feet being added to their facility. With the federal tax credit shrinking in 2020, and the new roof over the expansion, they knew the time was right for solar.

Arch Provided a Turn-Key Solution

Arch Electric took great care in selecting the product and designing the system for Hoffman. Arch also handled securing the grants that the manufacturer qualified for. All of this equated to a ROI under 5 years.

Arch worked alongside the other contractors hired for Hoffman’s building expansion. Arch’s electrician worked directly with the roofing contractor to facilitate the installation of this solar project while keeping the original roof warranty intact. Hoffman’s electrician felt Arch Electric provided more than other solar installers, and was impressed with how Arch worked directly with the utility provider to bring the project to completion.

Vertical Integration Leads to Long-Term Partnership

As a vertically integrated company, Arch Electric was able to develop, design, and implement Hoffman’s project without having to utilize third-party contractors. Through their Operations and Maintenance Department, Arch can also keep the system performing optimally over the 25-year warranty period.


“Hoffman Manufacturing Corp. has used only sustainable electrical power, such as wind, through Madison Gas & Electric’s Green Power Tomorrow program for over a decade. It is a little more expensive than coal power. This is part of our company culture of environmental responsibility. Producing power with our own solar panels fits right in with this. The return on investment of than five years was the deciding factor to add our own solar, but there are even further benefits. Most employers appreciate the company’s environmental responsibility. Customers respect it and see us as a company that intends to be around for a long time.

Arch Electric truly provided full service in this project. They worked directly with our expansion electrician, our utility, and agencies providing credits and grants. They always made our best interest their priority.”

Geoffrey Hoffman, President, Hoffman Manufacturing Corp

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