Dr. John Cook – Cedar Grove

“I decided to build a summer/retirement home in Cedar Grove and in November 2017, I met with Mike from Arch and my builder.  I indicated that I had plans to have 3 EV chargers and 3 EVs, and that I wanted solar with a battery system.  Arch provided me several options and in May of 2018, we finalized our plan with 96 Panasonic HIT 330W panels for a 31.68 kW solar system, coupled with 2 PIKA inverters and 6 PIKA batteries, which turned out to be the largest residential rooftop system Arch has ever installed.  Eric, Mike, and Ed all took a keen interest in my desire to use as little power from the utility as possible, and the system is working perfectly since final inspection in September.  Everyone at Arch is at the top of their game, and I would highly recommend as the solar and energy storage experts.”

– John Cook, Cedar Grove, WI

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