Battery Storage

Solar Energy Storage Keeps You Running With Extreme Weather and Power Outages

Residential and commercial solar electricity systems paired with energy storage can provide homeowners and businesses reliability when Wisconsin weather hits hard.

Energy storage offers peace of mind and assurance to charge day-after-day to power critical loads during extended utility outages and natural disasters. Pairing storage with solar offers a renewable energy substitute to a fossil fuel-powered generators that have little options after their fuel source runs out!

Growing Uncertainty

Recent studies report that utility outages are six times more frequent than previous decades. Whether it be rolling blackouts or extended outages, the aging power grid is as vulnerable as ever from extreme weather.

Critical Loads

Homes with solar and storage can power life-essential medical equipment and appliances like refrigerators, Wi-Fi, water pumps, and heating/cooling devices. Automatically switch to battery power in the event of an outage.

Industry Knowledge

Arch Electric’s solar and energy storage solutions has been a dependable option when families and businesses need it most.

Energy Storage systems are available for financing and the Federal Tax Credit if installed with a Solar Electricity System.