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Solar School Panels Installed by Arch ElectricWith increasing solar capacity, schools that have made the switch to solar energy are able to take funds previously used on energy bills and invest them into better educational resources and teachers.

Installation and technology costs are rapidly decreasing, so the advantages of utilizing this form of energy are becoming too great to ignore. Over the last 10 years, solar panel installation costs on schools and other institutions has dropped 67%!

Over 5,000 schools across the US have taken the solar leap, and their combined power equals about 1.4 million megawatt-hours, which is enough to power over 190,000 residential homes.

California is leading this trend, with 1,946 solar schools (so far), and Nevada with a full 23% of their schools being solar power-equipped.

As solar becomes more popular, more financing options are popping up. The majority of schools that have installed solar in the last few years have used a PPA (power purchase agreement), which brings down the initial cost barrier by having a third party finance, build, own, and maintain the system.

Students Get Involved in Solar Panel Fundraising

Solar Schools in the USAn eighth grader in Montana helped raise $115,000 for a solar installation, which is expected to be entirely paid back over the next nine years with energy bill savings.

A high school district in Illinois is covering 36% of their energy consumption with solar, and expects to save $10 million over the next 25 years! Read the full report.

Arch Electric is Wisconsin’s leading solar energy installer, certified to install a variety of quality solar power systems including Tesla, Trina Solar, Canadian Solar, and more.

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