Solar For Cities


Arch Electric has been empowering Wisconsin’s cities with access to solar energy since 2003. Completing projects in Sheboygan, Fitchburg, Whitefish Bay, Wauwatosa, and many more.

Arch Electric proudly announced in April 2021 that it completed the installation of a new solar panel system for the city of Wauwatosa. Located atop the building that houses the city hall, civic center, and public library, power generated by the solar panels is estimated to reduce the city’s energy costs by approximately $40,000 annually.

The system in Wauwatosa – comprised of 1,036 375W solar panels – has a maximum output of 300kw AC. The arrays are positioned on a 20-degree tilt ballasted system with no penetrations into the roof deck. The use of the system will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 383 tons, which is the equivalent of 39,074 miles of gas being consumed. It will generate enough electricity to power 63 homes for one year.

About Arch Electric, Inc. 

Arch Electric, Inc. – named a 2020 Top Solar Contractor – is a Sheboygan County, Wisconsin-based electrical contractor specializing in solar and related fields such as energy storage systems, EV charging, utility solar, residential and commercial/industrial solar and storage, along with operations and maintenance services since 2003. Today, Arch is considered the largest vertical provider of solar in Wisconsin. Our 50 MW portfolio includes residential and commercial rooftop systems, carports, pole mounts, trackers, large and small ground mounts from 10kW to 50MW and up for utilities, and unique flat wall solar systems. Our mission is to educate, inspire, and empower current and future generations to choose a clean, sustainable form of energy.

Path To ARPA Funded Solar Energy

Click below to view the PDF on ARPA-funded solar energy.

Path To ARPA Funded Solar Energy