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Arch Electric Solar Interview with FOX6 News Addresses Solar Tariff

Earlier this week, Arch Electric Solar was interviewed by FOX6 News about the nationwide tariff that will be hitting the solar panel industry and increasing prices for the customer, though businesses will be absorbing some of this cost as well.

“We try to make it as economically friendly as possible,” said owner Ed Zinthefer.

The purpose of this 30% tariff on imported solar panels, is to protect US jobs and the few manufacturing companies that are left, after fierce and unfair price undercutting from China.

Arch is very familiar with the many ups and downs the industry has experienced since the beginning, and for the 15+ years Arch has been in business.

“The purchasing of solar panels has been a pain point for any business who installs solar panels solely because the tariff news was coming” Zinthefer stated.

Watch Ed's interview with FOX6 above

Arch took the necessary steps to protect the customers from too large a price jump, and bulk ordered panels before the tariff went into effect, allowing prices for their customers to be minimally effected throughout 2018. As well, there are still some federal tax incentives in place to reduce costs somewhat. The average project price for residential homes is between $10,000 – $25,000, with the tariff adding only about $200 to that.

The company is projected to sell three times more solar panels this year compared to previous years which bodes well for solar industry growth.

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