Arch Electric Solar

Arch Electric Solar is an experienced “turn-key” & vertically integrated solar designer, builder and professional project management firm serving commercial, agricultural and business owners since 2004.  Through our years of service and experience, we have earned the reputation for being one of Wisconsin’s leading commercial solar panel installation companies, completing several large scale projects throughout the state. We utilize industry and internal best practices which ensure that our renewable energy designs are practical, code compliant, and can be efficiently sourced and installed. Over the years, we have developed successful working and contractual relationships with private and public investors, owner-developers, and contractors.

Reduce Utility Electricity Costs with Solar Energy

Solar makes financial sense. The cost of solar along with the available financial incentives make solar an economically viable choice. We can help you understand what incentives apply to your situation and how to best structure a solar project to maximize your investment. Install solar panels with Arch to reduce operating costs and invest the savings back into your business. With solar energy, you will see your fixed Leveled Cost of Energy remain low while your profits grow. Even when traditional energy costs rise!

Solar Attributes

Solar is clean, converting natural sunlight to energy reduces the amount of energy consumed from burning fossil fuels.  A solar panel installation highlights your company as a green organization that is dedicated to the environment.  Join many other sustainable businesses and go solar with Arch Electric Solar.