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May 28, 2020 1:36 pm
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Of the three pillars of sustainability, the environment is often the most familiar. To achieve environmental sustainability, we must maintain a defined level of environmental quality and cannot consume natural resources faster than they can be replenished. Despite wide acceptance of the need to preserve our world’s health and resources, the third pillar is often overlooked as the consequences of environmental degradation, resource mismanagement, and diminishing biodiversity are delayed.

A truly sustainable community must take steps to protect the environment while also fostering economic growth and supporting society. There are innumerable ways we can contribute to preserving the natural world. The rapidly increasing world population demands we find ways to reduce environmental stressors and protect critical ecosystems. Additional protections and regulations to preserve vital natural habitats, like the Amazon rain forest, which produces roughly 6% of the world’s oxygen, are needed. Reducing resource consumption through innovative technologies and reuse methods will limit waste and support a larger population. You can take measures to reduce your consumption through actions as simple as turning off unnecessary lights, avoiding single-use plastics, and buying food and other items in bulk to avoid excessive packaging. Stricter pollution policies would serve to preserve air and water quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and lessen our global footprint. Walking or biking to your destination help reduce transport emissions. Life cycle assessments on the products we consume and discard would allow for a broader understanding of the environmental impact and pave the way for viable replacements. When shopping, consider what goes into product production and where it will end up when its lifespan is up – Is it biodegradable? Can it be reused? Is it designed to last?

The growing renewable energy industry is driven not only by the desire to safeguard the environment but also by necessity. After all, we only have one world. Arch Electric is proud to support the community and environment through access to affordable clean energy, outreach, and education. As a company, we practice reduced consumption, responsible waste management, and take energy efficiency measures.

We look forward to continued advancements in solar, storage, and EV fields and fostering the growth of environmental sustainability in Wisconsin!

Are you interested in taking the next step in sustainability? Contact us today to get started!

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