S.E.E. Sustainability in 2020: Society

February 3, 2020 5:57 pm
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Sustainable development can only progress when all three aspects of sustainability are balanced. Society plays a prevalent role in sustainability. As one of the Three Pillars of Sustainability, society represents the needs of the people. Humans are intertwined with the environment and economy on a global scale.

A successful sustainable community is built through education, resource security, the promotion of human health, environmental justice, equality, and open participation. Educating the community on sustainability is the first step. Raising awareness in the general public and illustrating the benefits of sustainable development to corporate partners creates a base foundation from which to build society. Ensuring the preservation of basic resources like food, water, land, and energy for current and future generations allows for continued growth in the community. This can be closely tied with equality and the need for environmental justice. Despite contributing very little to global environmental issues, underdeveloped nations often bear the brunt of pollution and rising challenges caused by the climate crisis. Lacking the guaranteed availability of basic resources communities are often forced to neglect many aspects of environmental and economic sustainability in order to meet fundamental needs. In order to move forward with sustainability on a global scale, the inequalities between the world’s richest and poorest populations need to be addressed.

As a solar contractor, we endeavor to realize the Three Pillars of Sustainability within our company.  From a social standpoint we do a great deal of community outreach aiming to educate the public on the environmental and economic benefits of renewable energy with an emphasis on solar. We welcome questions and enjoy inspiring the individuals within the community to promote sustainability themselves. We also take pride in offering employees an open and welcoming work environment, promoting our vision and values.

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