Put the Brakes On Clean Energy?

Lakeview Roof December 2, 2019 7:27 pm
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They following was written by Ed Zinthefer, owner of Arch Electric:

Of all the federal government programs, there’s one that’s actually working well – the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC). But they’re poised to shut it down.

Solar power has proven to be a job-creating engine, economic driver for communities, and effective response to the climate crisis. That’s why Congress offered support for homeowners and businesses to do the right thing while actually saving money in the process. And it’s working.

Still a new sector, 250,000 Americans are employed in solar energy. This is more than double the number that were working in solar just a decade ago. These are good jobs with solid pay and benefits, in positions that can’t be sent offshore because they’re building clean energy projects in our communities across America. And these are jobs for all kinds of people: marketing, sales, design, customer service, warehouse, construction, accounting, IT and HR.


I know because I own Arch Electric in Plymouth and employ 48 hardworking people, alongside the other 3,007 Wisconsinites who owe our jobs to this important sector and feel great about doing our part in the climate crisis.

Beyond the growth in this job market, the solar industry is delighting our customers. Whether it’s a farmer or a rancher in a rural community, a small business, homeowner, or school — enough solar in installed here in Wisconsin to power over 10,000 homes.

Like I said, it’s working. A big driver of this American success story is the federal support. Our government has a long history of supporting industries deemed important. That’s why every year money goes to benefit coal, oil, and gas corporations. Those incentives for carbon-based fuels roll along year after year; yet, oddly, federal support for clean energy begins sunsetting this coming January 1 and ends entirely for homeowners in 2022.

So, there’s a move in Congress to extend the Federal Investment Tax Credit that supports homeowners and businesses who want to get in on the clean energy revolution. This policy has helped solar energy become one of America’s fastest growing industries — providing good jobs and strengthening communities as strong action against climate change. No is not the time to put the brakes on clean energy. Congress will be in a late-year frenzy to pass a bill to fund next year’s government. Here’s to hoping they continue a policy that’s actually working.


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