Why Panasonic?

You probably know Panasonic as a consumer electronics leader. Did you also know that they’ve been a solar pioneer since the green revolution began? They started developing promising renewable energy solutions over 40 years ago, and have amassed over 150 solar industry patents to date. It began with the research and development of amorphous silicon solar cells in 1975. In 1977, their innovative solar panel HIT introduced high-efficiency panels to the world, setting the industry standard for conversion efficiency. Satisfied customers worldwide have come to trust and rely on Panasonic quality ever since.



The Highest Testing Standards

Merely good is not good enough for Panasonic, or for you. Rigid performance testing under all conditions helps them guarantee you decades of safe, efficient operation. That’s why they Demond their testing criteria be more stringent than “acceptable” industry standards. In fact, their testing protocol demands that they perform 20 additional tests beyond those mandated by current standards.


Quality and Reliability Are in Their DNA

Panasonic began mass production of HIT panels back in 1977, with an amazingly low failure rate of 0.01% through 2016. That’s because they keep complete control over the production process. No 3rd party suppliers are utilized. What’s more, their 15-year workmanship and 25-year output warranties give you ironclad peace of mind that you’ve md the very best solar investment. With Panasonic, you can relax knowing that the solar panels you’re choosing are backed by the stability and financial strength of a $70 billion Fortune 500 company, and a name you can trust.


Panasonic Triple Guard Warranty Protection

Product warranty: 25 Years

Power, performance and production: 25 Years

Parts, installation and labor*: 25 Years

*When installed by a Panasonic authorized installer, like us!

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