Note: While not an official partner of Arch Electric, Clean Energy Credit Union is a trusted resource and our preferred method of residential financing for solar projects.

Their Story

Clean Energy Credit Union was started by a group of people who are passionate about promoting clean energy in order to protect our environment and improve our economy. Instead of starting a “green bank,” they chose to take an innovative approach to a proven, cooperative business model (i.e. a credit union) because they believe this will help propagate the multiple benefits of both clean energy and cooperatives such as:

  • Mitigate climate change;
  • Reduce pollution and improve public health;
  • Create jobs and build community wealth;
  • Promote democratic organizations;
  • Improve national security and increase energy independence;
  • Promote personal financial independence.

Their Vision

“We envision a world where everyone can participate in the clean energy movement.”

Their Mission

“Clean Energy Credit Union’s mission is to promote clean energy, environmental stewardship, and cooperative enterprises through the financial services we provide to our members.”

Their Focus

“Our focus is on providing clean energy loans that reduce the cost of living for members while also decreasing their environmental footprint.”

Helpful Links

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Clean Energy Credit Union Website

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