O&M services allow you to establish and maintain peak performance of your solar power system, while also protecting your capital investment.

With over 10 years of experience installing and maintaining solar power systems, Arch Electric Solar has become the leading solar renewable energy company in Wisconsin. We continuously educate our installers and maintenance personnel on the most up-to-date technology and methods to ensure your system is at its top performance, to enjoy maximum energy savings and to protect your solar investment for years to come.

Arch Electric Solar is part of the Amicus O&M Cooperative, an organization which brings together a network of solar companies to provide operations and maintenance services throughout the United States for anyone requiring corrective (or preventative) maintenance work on their solar power systems. The goal of this program is to provide an improved service for less, making solar power a more reachable goal for residential and commercial use.

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AMICUS O&M Cooperative


Solar O&M Service Benefits

Preventative maintenance

Maximize energy production and savings while protecting and prolonging the operating life of your solar power system with regular cleaning and inspection services.

Corrective maintenance

Maintain optimization of the system to provide the highest ROI. Our team has the ability to rapidly respond to repair needs and will have your system fixed promptly and efficiently.

Monitoring & reporting

Enjoy peace of mind that your system is being taken care of by experienced, licensed professionals, and see for yourself how your system is performing with our easy-to-understand reports.

Solar System Warranty

Our maintenance team will also become familiar with the terms of your particular warranty and know when utilizing it would be in your system’s best interest. We will also file the claims on your behalf if you own the system, or on your third party’s behalf if you have a solar lease.

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