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Wisconsin continues its journey towards a greener future.

As installation and technology prices rapidly decrease, more individuals and business owners are investing in solar energy. Acupuncturist, massage therapist, and owner of Partners in Health located in Kenosha WI has made several efforts to lessen her “footprint” at home and at work.

  • At home she reuses rainwater to water her garden, and fertilizes with homemade compost.
  • At work, she and her husband renovated an old motel using environmentally responsible methods and materials, as well as adding TDDs (tubular day-lighting devices) bringing daylight into dark places in the building with tubes that act as prisms which trap and refract light.

Most recently she and her husband invested in 23 solar panels for the acupuncture office, covering 498 square feet of the clinic’s roof. The purchase was part of a Southeast Wisconsin Solar Group purchase, giving homeowners and businesses better prices for their investment.

Arch Electric was the contractor for this group purchase and determined 23 panels would be ideal for their building. The system should generate about 10,356 kilowatts during an average year.

Partners in health solar panels

The owner of Partners in Health expects a near zero energy bill during summer months, and the system might even generate extra energy to sell to the utility company.

After rebates and tax incentives, the project was affordable for them, costing about $21,000 after everything was said and done.

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