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Drone imaging assists in the project planning and installation of solar projects for commercial and industrial buildings. The following provides a summary of flight services Arch Electric can perform to help the customer obtain aerial view pictures, precise measurements, and thermal data. Services can be selected as stand-alone or packaged services:

  • Measurements: Arch Electric is able to obtain precise measurements of the roof to verify that the selected module layout will fit, avoid obstructions on the roof, will comply with all regulations and standards. Measurements will include roof dimensions, measurements, locations of obstructions on the roof (HVAC, vents, etc.), and roof specifications.
  • Aerial Photos: Drone flight pictures will be clear images of the roof where the array will be located.
  • Thermal Imaging (Optional): Thermal imaging will collect data to analyze possible roof damage and hot spots on the roof (patches, water assessment, etc.).
  • 3-D Modeling: Gives a preview of what solar PV install will look like on your property upon completion.
  • Shade Reporting: Images obtained in flight are uploaded to an online tool that gives the most accurate shade reporting available. This allows our design team to properly design the solar PV system for optimal output.



Once Arch Electric has completed all flight services, data will be processed to conform the data into usable information and sent to the customer for CAD utilization.

Available Deliverables:

– CAD files showing layout of arrays on the roof. This will show all measurements needed. Also includes a PDF copy

– Report of project showing selected pictures, analysis of structure, equipment identification

– Thermal imaging and reporting

– 3-D model preview of the completed solar array in PDF format

– Shade report and recommendations in PDF format

Once deliverables are completed, Arch Electric will send the customer all files and reports via electronic mail, unless specified otherwise. All rights are reserved to share the information Arch Electric collects during the flight service.


Drone Services through Arch Electric would be most valuable to residential or commercial property owners who:

  • Own a property with a roof that may be complicated for solar
  • Needing a roof inspection (water damage, etc.)
  • Own a property that needs a shade inspection before making their solar investment
  • Need an accurate roof overview of their property (measurements, etc.)


To discuss project scope of work or to have drone services questions answered, call our main office at 920.893.8388 to speak with our Drone Services Team OR fill in the form below and a member of the team will contact you.


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