Temporary Solar Installer for Utility Solar

The purpose of this procedure is to define the authorities, responsibilities, principal duties, reporting relationships,
and measures of performance for the role of Solar Installer.

Position Title – Solar Installer
This will be a temporary position for a period of roughly 45 to 60 days or until the projects have reached their
completion goal; whichever comes first
Hourly prevailing wage rates are based on the Minimum required rate in Ogle County IL – $71.11/hour
Fair Labor Standards Act Status – Non-Exempt (Hourly Position)
Date of Position Opening – September 2022

The role of the Solar Installer is to assist the Electrical and Mechanical team in providing consistent, high-quality, cost-effective, and timely deliverables and products to our customers. Contributes to environmental stewardship and a
work culture focused on health and safety. This role requires excellent attendance and the ability to work within
budgets and potentially difficult weather and terrain conditions. This role will work in conjunction with Lead Solar
Installers and Field Team Leads to develop accurate and efficient project assignments.

Strong customer service, Positive attitude, highly motivated, and Superior problem-solving skills.
Proven ability to work in a team environment. Strong written and verbal communication skills.
Ability to perform tasks with a minimal amount of supervision. Ability to perform physical tasks.
Ability to use tact and diplomacy when dealing with co-workers, county officials, the general public, etc.
Demonstrated ability to comply with appropriate safety regulations.
Valid Drivers’ License, with a good driving record.
Comfortable working on a roof. Knowledge of OSHA and Fall Protection is desired. Ability to lift 75 pounds.

The Solar Installer will take primary direction from the Lead Solar Installer.

Authority will be determined as job skills and requirements are assessed.

Perform, organize and document as directed by Lead Solar Installer or Field Lead.

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Interested candidates should call Evan Nordby at 920-838-1672 or submit an application online by clicking the button below.