Commercial Solar Project Facilitator


The Commercial Solar Project Facilitator will join Arch Solar’s business-to-business team to assist in all aspects of the consultation, engineering, and design of commercial solar projects. The Facilitator will be the first point of contact via answering phone enquires, following up with requests for information, and representing Arch at events. Time management and organization will be key as the Facilitator will be expected to manage multiple priorities in collaborating with sales, engineering, marketing, and the field team. This role will work primarily in the office but can expect variable time in the field or on the road depending on need, possibly between 25-50% of the time per week. The Facilitator will be expected to make an immediate impact on the team but also have a growth mindset to absorb as much information as possible in preparation for future roles in the sales or design team.

Key Roles:

  1. Serve the knowledgeable first point of contact for businesses considering solar energy.
  2. Coordinate, manage, and organize communications between the Arch team and business customers.
  3. Management of Customer Relationship Database
  4. Assist the sales team both in the office and the field with data collection, solar project design, estimating, relationship building, and document completion (RFP, Grants, Forms, etc).

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Sales support in both the office and field
  • Data mining for new solar projects on a variety of databases
  • Complete request for proposal forms for solar projects (with expert oversight)
  • Communicate project status and other information to customers
  • Answer new requests for information from customers inquiring about commercial solar projects
  • Organize and Manage Customer Database
  • Assist with initial design and engineering of solar projects

Critical Requirements

  • Basic mechanical and electrical knowledge.
  • Excellent customer service & communication skills
  • Organization and multi-tasking across a variety of ongoing duties.

Ideal Qualifications

  • 1-2 years of experience with solar energy
  • 1-2 years experience in electrical work or a related discipline
  • Knowledge of utility rate structures, demand charges, time of billing, etc.
  • Technical or mechanical background


  • 2 years of sales experience
    • Experience with CRM systems
  • Some level of MREA or NABCEP training
  • Basic understanding of solar PV design, installation, and troubleshooting
  • Ability to read basic electrical one-line and plot plan drawings and other relevant engineer documents
  • Excellent team working skills – Ability to foster a positive team environment through collaborative decision-making.
  • Demonstrated honesty and trustworthiness in work relationships.
  • Strong computer skills, Microsoft Suite





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